What if It’s More Serious Than the Flu?

The Amazing Difference

  • Health advisor Guidance
  • Location-based Triggers

Like a growing number of Americans who get their health insurance through an employer, Jane has a high deductible individual plan, so she avoids going to the doctor unless it’s absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Jane is in relatively good health, so even when she does catch a bug, she’s usually able to tough it out. She hasn’t been to the doctor in over a year.

One morning, Jane woke up and wasn’t feeling well—nothing major—but definitely out of sorts. She brushed it off, got ready for work and headed into the office. As the day went on, she continued to feel worse. Her stomach was hurting, and she felt a little feverish. When she got home, she skipped dinner, popped some Tylenol, and collapsed into bed.

By the next morning, she was feeling even worse; her stomach still hurt, her fever was up, and she was feeling nauseous. After running her symptoms through the Amaze symptom checker, she thought she might have the flu and decided it would be best to call in sick. She tried drinking some water and went back to sleep. By evening, Jane felt so achy and weak that she didn’t want to move.

“This is definitely the flu,” she thought to herself, “But what if it’s something more serious?” Even with that thought lingering in her mind, she still didn’t want to risk the cost of going to the ER.

Her PCP’s office was already closed, so she pulled up the Amaze app and clicked the button to video chat with an Amaze Health Advisor. Within a few seconds, she was greeted by an advisor, who already had Jane’s customer dashboard displayed on her screen.

After talking with Jane and quickly assessing her symptoms, the advisor referred to a list of after-hours providers in the area. The list included both the local hospital emergency room, and an urgent care facility that had just opened less than a mile from Jane’s house. Based on their conversation and the local ER’s rating as a high-cost provider, the Amaze advisor recommended that Jane head over to the urgent care — just to be safe. She asked Jane if she felt well enough to drive, if she had a ride, or if she could help arrange for an Uber to pick her up. Jane said she felt well enough to get there on her own, so the advisor triggered a text with directions to Jane’s phone. She also advised Jane, that she would receive an alert with an “Urgent Care Visit Checklist” as soon she pulled into the facility parking lot.

Jane made it safely to the urgent care facility and was comforted when she heard the promised alert on her phone. After checking-in and having her vitals taken, she was seen by the attending physician, who ordered a swab, IV fluids and a blood test to rule out appendicitis.

While she took in fluids and waited for the doctor to come back in with test results, Jane reviewed the Urgent Care Visit Checklist she had received earlier. The doctor came in soon after, and thankfully, confirmed that Jane did not have an inflamed appendix, but did indeed have the flu.

Jane headed home with an antiviral medication and some peace of mind, knowing that she had made the right decision to seek car.

That’s the promise of Amaze: Better care, lower costs, without limits on choice.

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